Terrence J. DeWan FASLA


Maine Licensed Landscape Architect

Terry DeWan has over 40 years of professional experience in landscape architecture, visual resource assessment, site planning, design guidelines, and community development. His experience includes work with communities, state agencies, private developers, utility companies, and the forest products industry in New England. He has written numerous studies on community planning, visual impacts, recreation planning, water access, and highway corridor redevelopment.

Eileen Butler


Business Manager

Eileen Butler's experience with business administration includes: contract reviews, project analysis, client billing, payroll management, personnel and insurance administration as well as property management issues. She enjoys tracking the numbers and overseeing the different areas of the business.

Amy Bell Segal ASLA

Senior Associate

Maine Licensed Landscape Architect

Amy has worked at TJD&A for over twenty years. Her experience includes visual impact assessments, computer-generated photosimulations, recreation and trail planning, site planning for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and permitting and construction management

Keith B. Smith LEED AP

Senior Associate

Maine Licensed Landscape Architect

During the years that Keith has worked in landscape architecture in Maine, Utah, and Virginia, his professional duties have included project management, contract administration, design, construction documentation, cost estimating, and production. His project experience includes work in sustainable design, parks planning, commercial development, and downtown redevelopment.

Danielle Matkoskey

Landscape Designer

Danielle's experience includes computer generated modeling, photosimulations, rendering, assisting with visual impact assessments, site planning and planting design. She has proficiency in numerous technical software programs.

Steve Thompson

Landscape Designer

Since joining TJD&A in 2013, Steve's work experience has included site planning, photosimulations, rendering, construction documentation, and ArcGIS mapping. Steve graduated with High Honors from The University of Rhode Island, and has a background in Fine Gardening and Landscape Construction.

Jessica Wagner Kimball

Maine Licensed Landscape Architect/Planner

Jessica came to TJD&A in 2014 with a background in both Planning and Landscape Architecture. She has experience in the public sector as a planner for the Town of Old Orchard Beach, and in the private sector as a member of Sasaki Associates. Jessica completed a graduate degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Toronto in 2013. Her graduate thesis work was an adaptive design strategy to deal with the effect of climate change and rising sea levels for Portland's commercial waterfront, which was exhibited at The Portland Society of Architecture 'Waterfront Visions 2050' symposium in 2013.

David Truesdell

Maine Licensed Landscape Architect

David joined TJD&A in 2014 after ten years practicing Landscape Architecture at Sasaki Associates in Boston. He spent the better part of the last three years there managing a team of consultants for the design and construction of Cincinnati's Smale Riverfront Park, a 42-acre $120 million project along the banks of the Ohio River. Since moving to Maine he has worked on a wide range of projects at various scales across the state. From a waterfront park in Bangor to a cliffside landscape in Oqunquit to a trails plan in Scarborough, and everything in between.